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We are hugely thankful for the support shown by our sponsors

Schick was established in Hamilton, in 1986 by LG and JH Schick. Schick are earthworks and cartage specialists, and now provide local body and highway infrastructure works, subdivisions, retaining walls, minor bridge construction and repairs, coastal and river bank protection, stop bank construction, multiple drainage and pavement (grader) crews, and a concrete crew.

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Caniwi Capital is a New Zealand based independent and privately-owned investment group. They focus on investments in large-scale and high quality commercial and industrial property, and high quality small to medium sized enterprises. Caniwi prides itself on being able to originate and execute deals with speed and without complication.

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Craigs Investment Partners are one of New Zealand’s leading investment advisory firms and investing is our specialty. Craigs operates 19 offices across New Zealand that support a wide range of community organisations and projects. For Craigs, supporting the community is core to their values, culture and success. 

Mitre 10 has been a part of New Zealand's home improvement culture since 1974. New Zealand owned and operated with stores across the country, Mitre 10 is a Kiwi success story. Mitre 10 is locally owned with deep roots in our communities and like to lend a helping hand where they can.

Since 1947, Waitomo Fuel, a 100-percent Kiwi family-owned and operated business has been fueling Kiwis across New Zealand. Seventy years on, they are proud to be serving Kiwi customers with the same formula they always have – great people, top performance and a fairer price for your fuel. 

From passion, professionalism, and the friendship of a small handful of successful, local Real Estate agents, the humble beginnings of Cambridge Real Estate began. Cambridge Real Estate (2007) Ltd is committed to the people of the Cambridge community.  

Laszlo Boats NZ is New Zealand's oldest and newest rowing skiff-building company, with more than 30 years of boat-building industry experience. Laszlo Boats understand that it's rowers who make boats go fast, but having a fast boat can help create that fractional advantage that can make the difference between gold and silver. The Waikato Rowing Club is proud to have a fleet of Laszlo Boats and work with a team of boat builders and friends that are so passionate about our sport. 




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